Helping Hands is greatly appreciated ~

Being on a fixed income now due to my vision loss has been a challenge financially to say the least. Thanks to your help I can keep my guide dog. Thank-you for everything!

I’m so thankful for the food~

I’m thankful for the food my Mom gets from Helping Hands. Her health interferes with her ability to walk. The food is wonderful, fresh and delicious. I don’t know what my Mom would do without Helping Hands!

You are a Godsend!

The food trucks help me in so many ways. They provide the food I could never afford to buy-meat, milk, veggies, fruit and all the little extra treats that show up from time-to-time. Thank-you very much, you are a Godsend!

This makes my life worth living!

This program helps me to have the luxury of eating good meals without worrying if I have enough money to buy fresh veggies and meats to keep my health up. I’m 90 years old, and believe me, this makes my life worth living!

My heart is overflowing with thanks!

My heart is overflowing with thanks to you for your huge donation today for the Irvine Interfaith Conference! I have wanted to do this conference because it is so good for the community and brings about such unity. However, there was zero budget. I said a prayer that God would provide the things I needed and he did – through you. Oh my goodness, we have plenty of beautiful and delicious items, not only for the refreshments but also for the interfaith clergy dinner. It is all going be so lovely. Thank you! Sita.for years you have provided for me in my time of need – especially when my husband was out of a job. I wish I could do something for you. Please let me know if you are suddenly in need of anything and I will try to drop what I have going here to help you. Thank you my friend. You are truly an angel among us.

A big thank-you~

I recently joined the “free food” program that is offered through Helping Hands due to a long term financial set back (divorce). This has reduced my income to what is now considered below normal. I feel blessed to be able each week to take home fresh fruit, vegetables, protein, and breads/desserts. This has given me extra funds to put gas in my vehicle so I can continue to offer my help to several women living here in the park who no longer drive. With my limited income, I would have been forced to curtail my volunteering if I hadn’t joined Helping Hands food program. Words can’t thank-you enough.And a BIG thank-you to your wonderful staff who go out of their way to make the food distribution equal for all. THANK-YOU!

Letter From a Veteran

April 29, 2016 Dear Ms. Helms: Thank You. I have to say that first because I am so grateful. I just arrived several months ago to Vintage Shores from Maui and I am in the adjustment period. I met Wanda who informed me of the Food Bank on Saturdays. Much to my surprise it was wonderful. For those of us who are senior and disabled, on a fixed income it is a God send. I would never be able to afford all the vegetables and fruit I get. I have never eaten so healthy in the last 25 years. It is a special miracle. Wanda and the lady volunteers are just kind in helping all of us. That help with a wonderful attitude, it really makes this food bank a special gift to all of us. Thank-you very much!

I Cannot Thank Everyone Enough

June 30, 2015 Hello, I cannot thank Scott and Danielle and everyone enough who is a part of today and everyday like it. You all will never truly know how much it meant to be helped in this way. I did go today and met a few people and they made me feel like a part of the family. I honestly was nervous to come today because I have never been in the position of needing something like today so bad and I didn't know anyone going to it. I saw 1 person that I know from awhile back and it made me understand that I truly am not alone in this and that others are in the same place I am. People out there like you may never truly know how much what you do means to us. Not only do you give us a place to come together and to help each other you give us friends and a new family. Today with your help and all of the people at Helping Hand you have given me hope. Hope that I will not have to worry about whether or not we will be able to eat a meal or even at all that day or week. Hope that I have a new family and friends. Hope that my husband will not feel depressed about not being able to provide food for our family. Hope for another day, a sunny bright day ahead. You have given me true hope for the future. I can never say thank you enough to all of you. Being honest, I arrived today feeling shy but less than 5 minutes in I felt like I belonged. When I got back into my car today with the blessings that you all have provided, I sat there and I wept. I cried my eyes out because I had hope again. I have not had hope for a very long time. Thank you thank you thank you!!!! GOD BLESS ALL OF YOU!!!!!!