Our Mobile Food Pantry distributes fresh, healthy food to 31 locations in Orange County and on base at Camp Pendleton.

335,000 people in Orange County face hunger each month. (Feeding America OC, 2016).

Helping Hand Worldwide delivers 30,000 pounds of food and other goods to Camp Pendleton every week.

Newly enlisted servicemen and women at Camp Pendleton Marine Base earn an annual salary of $18,804.

Helping Hand Worldwide helps feed 36,000 recipients per month.

Orange County has the 5th highest cost of living in the nation. (The Council for Community Education and Research, 2016).

Helping Hand Worldwide distributed 6,000,000 million pounds of food and other goods in 2016.

1 in 5 Orange County children go to bed hungry at night. (Feeding America OC, 2016).

Everyone in need, regardless of age, race or background is eligible for our free food distributions.

Helping Hand Worldwide is successful because of our 250 dedicated volunteers.

Poverty rates for Orange County seniors over age 65 have increased 39% since 2005. In comparison, the national average was only 2%. (Orange County Community Indicators Report, 2015).