HELPING HAND WORLDWIDE VOLUNTEERS make an immediate and direct impact on our neighbors in need. Our 250 well-trained volunteers create a pleasant and respectful environment for our recipients. They are compassionate people who truly want to help our recipients live happier and healthier lives. Most of our volunteers live in the communities we service giving them a unique opportunity to empathize with our recipients. The primary role of our volunteers is to help distribute the food but equally important is their role in helping recipients overcome isolation and depression. In many cases, our volunteers are the lifeline to the outside world for lonely residents.

DEDICATED FOOD SITE VOLUNTEERS are responsible for ensuring that food set-up and distribution is handled safely in accordance with Orange County Health Department guidelines. They make certain the distribution process is fair and organized enabling us to provide fresh and healthy food to all attendees. The entire process is overseen by our lead volunteers who we call “Community Custodians”. They are trained to identify signs of need or malnutrition and they help recipients overcome any embarrassment they may be feeling. Our Community Custodians are entrusted with the responsibility to elevate the overall quality of life of our recipients.

PASSIONATE VOLUNTEERS ARE ORDINARY CITIZENS AND EXTRAORDINARY HUMANITARIANS like Tory and John Boegeman (pictured above). “Bogie” as we like to call him, has dedicated his golden years to helping our military families at Camp Pendleton. Now in retirement, his work experience included eight years in the US Air Force. Bogie’s gregarious personality and old-school work ethic benefit us in countless ways. He solicits donations of diapers, clothing, toys and home goods. He also forms new relationships with individuals and businesses thus increasing public awareness of our program. His lovely wife Tory works year around knitting baby blankets and bonnets for the many adorable babies.

DELIVERY TRUCK VOLUNTEERS are the back bone of our Mobile Food Pantry Program. They assist our truck drivers with the early morning pick up of fresh food and other goods from our retailers and help pack our delivery trucks. They help unload the food at our distributions sites and then clean the trucks for the next day. We depend on this group of volunteers each and every day to ensure our nutritious food gets delivered to the people who need it the most. They never let us down!


If you are interested in volunteer opportunities with Helping Hand Worldwide, please contact our office at 949-230-7318.


The heart of a volunteer is not measured in size, but by the depth of the commitment to make a difference in the lives of others.
– DeAnn Hollis