It is not more bigness that should be our goal. We must attempt, rather, to bring people back to the warmth of community, to the worth of individual effort and responsibility and of individuals working together as a community to better their lives and their children’s future.
– Robert F. Kennedy

An integral part of our past, present and future is our ability to build strong and vibrant communities when and where they are needed the most. We do this with the help of our compassionate volunteers who live in the communities we service. They are uniquely qualified to empathize with our recipients but more importantly they are determined to improve the quality of life for their neighbors. We provide our recipients with the tools they need to overcome isolation and depression giving entire communities renewed hope for a better life in the days and years to come.

Helping Hand Worldwide believes quality of life begins with good health and fellowship that creates a strong community.  We begin with providing resources that fulfill basic needs. Equally important to providing balanced nutrition is our goal to facilitate the involvement of both individuals and families in the communities to look after each other, support one another and build a brighter future. Community members are empowered to bring out the best in each other while the bonds are strengthened for the community as a whole.

Our lead volunteers are known as “Community Custodians”.  They are trained to identify signs of malnutrition or depression and are experts at helping recipients overcome any embarrassment they may be feeling. Community Custodians are enthusiastic and encouraging helping community members feel respected, special and less anxious about needing our assistance. They also excel at building relationships between strangers in need. As a result, new friendships are formed by residents built on foundations of shared challenges. New friends learn to care about one another and depend on one another during the good times and the bad.

The Helping Hand Worldwide food delivery days have become social events at many of our distribution sites much like old-fashioned community gatherings where people socialize, share food and swap stories. Our recipients bond with each other in a relaxed and friendly environment where even those who have been isolated can feel comfortable. We are committed to helping our recipients face the hardships in their lives with respect and a sense of community that represents a model of triumph over despair.